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Paramus Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic Procedures

The term “plastic” or “cosmetic” surgery covers a multitude of procedures which alter and help to restore the body’s outward appearance. Procedures are used to shape areas and soften skin tone to reduces or eliminates wrinkles.

Dr. Lat focuses on facial rejuvenation and body contouring. This means he has significant experience performing surgery which is intended to restore a more youthful appearance, such as an eyelid lift, a face lift, a forehead lift, and a cheek lift, as well as body contouring using liposculpture and tummy tucks. Because he has done hundreds of these procedures, Dr. Lat is able to achieve a natural result that balances and enhances his patients’ existing features. To achieve these results, he uses state of the art techniques.

Dr. Lat also has a special interest in breast surgery.  He can help to restore the breast to a more natural and/or youthful appearance and even create a new breast with post mastectomy (or even lumpectomy) reconstruction.

Descriptions about each procedure performed by Dr. Lat have been provided so that you can educate yourself about the ones that interest you the most. After reviewing them, feel free to bring any remaining questions to your consultation.