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Paramus Dermatology Procedures

Dr. Zenda Garcia-Lat performs several cosmetic dermatology procedures.  Some of the procedures performed by Dr. Garcia-Lat include:

Glycolic Acid & Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can remove brown spots, improve skin tone, acne and diminish fine wrinkling. Some superficial chemical peels (glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Jessner’s) will usually allow you to resume normal activities immediately.  They may be performed by a physician and will give a more dramatic benefit than superficial peels.

Permanent Makeup

A great treatment for everyone, but especially for women who work out, swim, or have to use a magnifying mirror to apply their makeup as a result of failing eyesight. Or maybe you’d just like to wake up with color! It’s a real time-saver, too. Custom-blended colors are used with non-toxic dyes and state-of-the-art equipment for permanent makeup. Eyeliner, brow color, lip-liner, and beauty marks can be applied, as well as the recoloring of light scars and for depigmentation.